Pampered Paws of Sulphur, LLC 

Quality Pet Care When You're Not There


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Our groomers are very experienced and will take loving care of your pet by providing a variety of services,  geared specifically for your 4-footed family members.

   *   Bathing with quality shampoos, some natural and organic

   *   Nail Trim and file

   *   Full  and Custom Haircuts

   *   Oral Hygiene

   *   Coat Conditioning

   *   Paint Nails

   *   Dematting


Small = less than 15 pounds

Med = 16-30 pounds

Large = 31-50 pounds

XLarge = 51+ pounds

Full Grooms--Includes Bath, Haircut to your request, Nails, Glands, Etc.

$45 & up

Privacy Trim--Includes Face/feet,tail trim, Nails, Glands, Etc.

$32 & up

Bath--Includes Bath, Nails, Glands, clean ears, facial scrub

$20 & up

Nails Only - $10.00

Oral Hygiene - $5.00

Paint Nails - $5.00

Some specialty shampoos are $5.00 extra.

Dematting - $5.00/15 minutes

Prices subject to change.